Alternatives to the OnlyFans platform that video chat models can use

  • September 24, 2022
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So you’ve become an online content creator and you’re looking for a platform to use to share your creations, right?

But did you know that you can also make good money selling your content in the digital space?

Yes! Audiences exist for all types of content these days, and people are ready to consume as much content as possible, at least since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Romania, things have calmed down a bit regarding the virus, but in the rest of the world, the tension is not completely gone yet, and online content is selling like hotcakes. Whether you publish content that you specialize in or choose to promote another type of content as well, there is always a willing audience waiting to consume what you create.

One such platform for content creators is OnlyFans, a subscription-based fan community where creators have multiple options to monetize their content. Founded in 2016, OnlyFans currently boasts over 170 million registered users on their platform. This proves that content creators have an audience willing to consume good content and even pay for it.

OnlyFans became popular mainly due to video chat models selling content on it. With no restrictions on sexually explicit content, OnlyFans has grown in popularity and made amazing profits over the years.

But then, in August 2021, OnlyFans shocked the world when they announced that they would ban explicit content on their platform. This was a shock to the community that OnlyFans built on the back of which this platform gained so much popularity. Ultimately, OnlyFans decided to back off, but by then, the damage was done and aduIt content creators had already started looking for safer alternatives like OnlyFans.

A list of alternatives to the OnlyFans platform to turn to in 2022

#1 xFans – The first Onlyfans alternative

At the top of the list is your key to a gold mine: xFans. xFans is not a platform, but a turnkey script with which you can build your own OnlyFans site. It’s affordable, it’s effective, and it’s currently the only 100% effective solution for those looking for alternatives to OnlyFans. You don’t need any technical experience to work with xFans. Everything is already there and you just need to log in and use it.


Models can create their own platform and recruit other content creators;
Easy customization according to the needs of everyone’s own brand;
Multiple integrated APIs such as payment gateways, analytics, e-commerce, etc.;
Individual dashboards for models and admin;
Multiple monetization options like tokens, tips, subscriptions, online store, etc.

#2 Fanso – Another effective way to create a platform like Onlyfans, only 100% personal

Another classic product that is not a platform itself, but can help you create your own brand and website is Fanso. It is also a turnkey script with which you can create clones of popular applications such as: OnlyFans, Patreon, Cameo, etc. Fanso uses cutting-edge technology and is integrated with multiple APIs for smooth operations. If you’re thinking of an alternative to OnlyFans, rather than looking for similar platforms, sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch and build such a platform yourself, especially when it’s so easy to build.


Easily build your own platform like OnlyFans, Patreon, Cameo, etc.;
Built-in useful APIs such as live-streaming, online store, payment gateways, etc.;
Monetization options such as subscriptions, e-commerce, tips, PPV, etc.;
100% access to the source code for customizations;
Dashboards with individual profile for easy management.

#3 AVN Stars – A website very similar to Onlyfans

AVN Stars is a content-driven platform where content creators can earn money by selling their creations. It is produced by the famous adult magazine AVN, which greatly enriches the adult niche. Creators of this platform can earn money through paid subscriptions, tips, live-streaming, paid media, etc.


You must be over 18 to sell content on AVN Stars;
No restrictions on gender or sexual orientation;
Subscription plans range from US$2 and up to US$50;
AVN Stars receives a 20% commission from content creators’ earnings;
With AVN you have the chance to compete in the AVN Awards and win even more money;
The minimum payment is US$25 and processing can take up to 7 days;
It has a “Fund me” feature if you want to get some extra tips;
You can add a logo to your content.

#4 Fansly – Another great alternative to Onlyfans

Fansly is another subscription-based social media platform that is very similar to OnlyFans. Even the logo, design and look is very similar to OnlyFans. Fansly gives content creators the option to create free or paid subscriptions as they like, which works great, especially for creators just starting out.


Platform search option for amazing user experience;
Fansly takes a 20% cut of all content creator earnings;
A suggestion feature that directs users to verified creators;
Creators have the option to choose between a free and a paid subscription;
Creators can add emojis to their content;
Minimum payment is US$20 and takes 7 days to process;
Creators can set up multiple subscription types.

#5 MYM – A subscription based app popular with Onlyfans

Meet Your Model, or MYM Fans, is a subscription-based social media platform created in France. As their tagline says, “Be more than just a fan,” MYM is a community where fans receive exclusive content from subscribing creators. Creators can post free images and save premium content behind a paywall.


The media feature is great for content creators;
Search function where creators can tag their posts and users can find them by tags;
MYM receives 25% of content creators earnings from subscription sales, 20% from media sales and 10% from tips earnings;
Payment on MYM is a minimum of 50 euros and is processed in the period desired by the content creator;
1% bonus if you reach MYM superstar;
MYM TV is coming soon to all creators.

#6 FanCentro – One of the newest solutions for adult content creators

FanCentro is the latest offering in the Centro suite. It was created in 2017 and over time has become a well-known platform for the support it offers to sex workers. With some great affiliate programs, FanCentro is a great platform for adult content creators who want to earn some extra cash.


Customizable subscription plans to choose from:
Creators get a web page dedicated to each of them from ModelCentro.
FanCentro charges a commission of 25% of all winnings;
Creators can set their own payment minimum according to available payment gateways and payments are made every Tuesday;
Search function for users to easily find their favorite creators and content;
Content creators can earn 10% of earnings for 1 year from each model they refer.

#7 BunnyLeaks – A platform with a lot of potential for erotic content creators

Bunny Leaks is a site where all kinds of amateur or professional women appear in the field of porn, these good and useful videos are here to delight you. Every day, new women and men appear after onlyfans leaked that excite and excite all your senses.

#8 AdmireMe – A platform created by someone with experience in the sex industry

Founded by former stripper Chelsea Ferguson, AdmireMe is a premium, subscription-based aduIt social network. It was created to bridge the gap between models and platforms. Although new, AdmireMe promises amazing experiences to its users.


The default currency of this platform is the pound sterling, but it can be changed to US dollars or euros;
Niche search options make things simple for fans who want to search for a specific type of content;
After you have made 50 posts, you can appear on the home page, thus enjoying more exposure;
You can organize your content into albums;
AdmireMe charges 20% commission on all winnings;
Subscriptions can be of any value from £3 upwards;
The minimum payout is £100. A fee is charged for any payment of less than £100.